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Meet Tony

A Familiar Voice

My name is Tony, like the tiger, but less furry and orange. As a professional full-time voice talent, I might sound familiar. I work with some large agencies and big brands, so you may have heard me on TV, the radio or online.

Plus, I have that "Hey, I know you" sound. I'm the nice guy next door, the nervous new dad, the bossy boss, the brooding brother, the screaming fan, the immortal teen. I'm the voice of them all - and then some. I've worked hard over the years to refine my style. If you want a fresh, real, or oddly specific sound to your broadcast campaign, promo, e-learning or explainer video, I'm your guy.

Voice Talent
Who Gets It

Over the years I've worked as a creative director, editor, engineer, producer and tech-guy. My unique background gives me the ability to understand what it's like on the other side of the mic. So I get it.

You need voice talent who takes good direction and is fun to work with. You need squeaky clean audio files that are ready to post, and possibly sent in various formats. And oh yeah, by yesterday. While teleportation is still in progress, what I can deliver is a wealth of experience that makes your job easier.

Experience You Can Count On

So many hours recorded it takes up racks of hard drive space!


Projects completed


Different categories, characters, genres and platforms


Countries heard


20 million in audiences


Collaborated with True Professionals